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The future of motorsport

The future of motorsport The future of our beautiful sport will change, we will have to change all of our habits. We are not all ready for the advent of electric motorcycles, this will be an important change not only for the environmental impact but also for noise pollution. But, leaving aside the bike topic that is impervious and on which we could write a book probably without reaching a conclusion acceptable to everyone, let's talk about simpler things. In recent years there has been the obligation to keep a carpet under the bike, the ban on the use of tear-off lenses without a collection systems and other initiatives even further back in time. However, small gestures that can be dangerous as well as expensive are often underestimated. Using polluting detergents, which also contain solvents, requires proper disposal or in addition to environmental damage you risk a very high fine. Not only that, taking responsibility also means being able to continue to practice our sport without being seen as ‘dirty and polluting’. DirtWheels is committed to the formulation of the products in the most environmentally friendly way possible, all products are biodegradable so there is no problem using them on the track. The most polluting product ever is the filter cleaner, sometimes replaced by gasoline. We have formulated The EcoAir filter cleaner so that the product is extremely effective, eco-friendly and convenient. It does not contain solvents, it has no bad or strong smells and it can be disposed easily, it can be used at home as well as on the track, no other product is needed besides water and therefore it is very practical and convenient. So what are you waiting for to give it a try?

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