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"Everyone has to do their job". Who has never said this sentence? To clean a motorcycle you need a specific product formulated by those who know the needs and problems of these wonderful vehicles and who knows them better than a chemist with 25 years of experience as a motocross rider?


I have always asked myself: "Why is there shampoo for cars, trucks, boats, etc., while there's nothing specifc for motorcycles and bicycles?" Among other things, these non-specific detergents can damage our bikes with awful stain and oxidation.

WHY "The dirt remover"?

Well the name is simple "The dirt remover", THE is deliberately THE because it is not a random cleaner. The reason for choosing it among many?  Have I already said that it is specific for motorcycles and bicycles? If this is not enough, we add:

low alkaline pH, 100% safe on delicate surfaces, guaranteed efficacy, easy to use, biodegradable, competitive price.

WHY "The aftershine"?

It is a product that is sometimes underestimated, sometimes classified as "A polish", nothing more wrong. First of all, it is a protective, anti-oxidant product that guarantees perfect post-washing drying, water repellency during training and greater durability of the bearings. So it doesn't polish? Yes, of course, and it does polish in the best way without greasing the bike so you can ride safe and comfy.

The aftershine is THE protective product that will make you save money on maintenance, makes your bike shine like new and won't bother you.

WHY "The rust remover"?

It is a product that fix many difficult situations. Even if you are very careful to protect your bike from humidity, the exhauat system will sooner or later oxidate and tend to brown. The rust remover solves the problem without aggressive actions. It also helps in restorations by eliminating rust and oxidation even from footpads, frame, pins and any other metal part.

WHY "The kit cleaner"?

How many times have you not bought white boots that are beautiful when new but then turn yellow with the dirt? How often have you gotten nervous by the view of your favourite kit dirty and greasy? The kit cleaner was created to solve this problem, specifically formulated to clean fabrics, leathers and plastics in depth, respecting every color and restoring it. Attention, it is a specific product for fabrics, leather and plastic so do not use it on motorcycles, it is very strong but it can stain the aluminum!

WHY "The ecoair filter cleaner"?

Quite simply:





Ecological because biodegradable and without white petroleum and derivated, convenient because you don't have to think about the problem of disposal, perfumed to solve the problem of bad and annoying smell in the house. Effective because Dirt Wheels products are and must be absolutely effective!

but above all why the section of why?

Who likes the short answer? We like to explain things in the best way, so please push the chat button and speak directly with us. There are tons of reasons for everything we do and the Dirt Wheels project was born to solve problems and give solutions. THAT'S WHY WHY SECTION

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