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Are you making it safe? That's why you have to use protections.

Are you making it safe? That's why you have to use protections.

Of course we are still talking about motorcycles!

Let's talk about motorcycle washing and we'd like to give you some recommendations.

Among the DirtWheels products you will find a product called "The Aftershine", very often we hear that it's known as a polish, but there is no more wrong definition. The Aftershine is first of all a protector.

Invest a few € in this product and you will always have the bike protected.

Connecting to the previous blog post, where we talked about the danger of water, which states that water is one of the enemies of our beloved bikes, The Aftershine comes to our aid and solves the problem.

The Aftershine is an emulsion with special oils that allow the water to decrease its contact angle on the surfaces thanks to the increase of the surface tension, this chemical phenomenon allows the water to slide guaranteeing perfect drying, but not only this, its effect is long-lasting, creating a water-repellent film that continues its action by not letting any part of the bike get wet.

The bike is also protected from rain, mud (which adheres much less) and any fords.

Another very important action is the help in washing, where, in addition to protecting from the water used to wash the bike by literally splashing it away, it greatly speeds up the cleaning process. As mentioned earlier, it makes life difficult even for mud and that small amount of dirt that sticks to the bike does so much less stubbornly and therefore washing will be very quick, this will allow you to use less water, insist much less on the mechanical parts.

Finally, The Aftershine will leave a shiny effect on the bike but without greasing it in any way, just spray the product everywhere (avoiding the seat, grips and brakes) and then spread it with a soft cloth.

Someone will be wondering, "Well then how would it save me money?"

Simple, dry and protected bearings mean longer bearing life. The Aftershine will guarantee a longer life to bearings, linkages and oil seals because it is able to penetrate even the bearings and do its job.

The end result will be a bike like new inside and out. Guaranteed WOW effect!

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