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750 ml 8,00 €

The aftershine is the product that every bike deserves. Protects, and makes your bike shine like new!

Guaranteed protection!

5 litri 49,00 €


To obtain the best result, apply a small amount of product and spread it on the surface with a soft cloth.
Any sticky, matt or greasy residues are caused by an excess of product.

WHY "The aftershine"?

It is a product that is sometimes underestimated, sometimes classified as "A polish", nothing more wrong. First of all, it is a protective, anti-oxidant product that guarantees perfect post-washing drying, water repellency during training and greater durability of the bearings. So it doesn't polish? Yes, of course, and it also does it in the best way without greasing the bike and therefore without annoying when driving.

The aftershine is THE protective that will save you money on maintenance, polish your bike like new and won't bother you.

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